Norland spud

_LME4593Early potato thinking it’s spring.

The Norlands have begun to sprout in the gunny sack. They were harvested at the end of September with the help of Cooper and Scarlett.

Known as an early potato. The first to be eaten, small, but a root will make up a supper at the start of July if the weather cooperates.

My Father used to say about the first root of Norlands, “There were some as big as dimes and some as big as quarters and a whole lot of small ones.”

The cold room is too warm. The Yukon Gold are solid as rocks. The Norlands have grown soft.

They want to be planted, but the ground is covered in snow with five feet of frost below, so they’re gonna get cooked. Ahead of their time some would say.

4 thoughts on “Norland spud

    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, potato soup with sausage sounds good. I like soup and that’s a good thing because I have less and less teeth every year. 🙂


    1. underswansea

      Norland is a popular early variety here. You have mentioned several varieties on your website that I have not heard of. Rumour has it that if a Norland potato is planted in the southern hemisphere it will grow down instead of up! 🙂


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