early may

RCE_2606smThe absolute colour of spring.

We were able to slip behind the mountains into the bush this evening. Lisa said bring the camera we may see bears.

We did see a truck that looked like they were hunting bears. You probably wonder how I can tell if they were hunting bears. I will tell you sometime, but for now I will keep it to myself. I wish many hunters luck, these I did not.

We got higher than we have since November. Willow enjoyed the snow which was plenty and stopped our ascent just below where we find orchids.

RCE_2603Willow digs in.

I looked to patches without snow for orchids, though I knew it was too early. Willow ran for sticks and snowballs, raised her nose for the smell of rodents and scratched and dug for thawing scent.

Many of the slides have not yet come down. The grass is greening in the valley bottom. It felt good to be out breathing the air, listening for birds, feeling the last spring snow underfoot and looking for trees that died during winter to add to the woodpile.


7 thoughts on “early may

  1. Jim R

    Go dog go! Do you know of that book? It was one of the favorites of our son.

    Bright sun and clear sky this morning after a few of grey and rain. Lots of leaves emerging. Two deer just trotted by the back of the house. Birds are in bright breeding plumage.


  2. mountaincoward

    It’s supposed to be summer now here but we’re not getting anything at all – it’s sunny a lot of the time but absolutely freezing cold which is NOT normal for here. I’m having to walk in a jumper and a coat which I almost never do (even in winter) – you can see yourself breathe out and I’ve still got the heating on in the house for the first time ever 😦 At least it seems like it’s normal for you guys in May


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