Turkey Soup

RCE_1698Willow surveys the sticks on shore, carefully picking one to fetch. 

It is a long standing tradition of rotating hosting Christmas dinner among our family. This year it was Lisa’s brother Brent’s family’s turn. There was plenty of great food and wine and lots of good conversation and laughs.

RCE_1679Grey December beside the Columbia.

Brent generously gives me the turkey carcass as he knows I like to make broth from the bones. He always leaves some meat on the bones so I can add it to the soup the next day. Even at this late hour the soup is boiling. I will wait as long as I can before straining the broth. It will be put outside to cool.

Tomorrow I will sauté onions, carrots and onions, add the broth, the left over turkey and a handful of barley. That’s it, supper taken care of.  The kids always loved that soup. Sometimes they would argue over whether I should add barley or pasta noodles. Barley usually won out.

RCE_1689An American Dipper holds down the ice beside the river.

My Mom and Dad used to make the same soup, from turkeys, but also wild chickens we shot. They called it mulligan. It was thick and gamey. They said it was soup that stuck to your ribs. I used to wonder what that saying meant. I thought, maybe the barley acted as glue and stuck to your insides. Later, when I understood a person could go hungry, I realized it could keep hunger away longer than many other foods, some much more expensive.

We are lucky to have so much.

RCE_1660My old path to the fish holes.

10 thoughts on “Turkey Soup

    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, yes I am for barley also. Yes my little dog is definitely tough. She loves swimming at any temperature. If it is too cold I won’t take her to the river. Take care. Bob


  1. larrymuffin

    I have no idea what a wild chicken is, never heard of them, sounds interesting. Thank you for your blog, all the best in 2019 and more adventures with Willow. This little dog is amazing, maybe my female wire hair dachshund Nora could follow Willow but Nicky my other one would probably want to just stay home and sleep.


    1. underswansea

      Thank you so much Larry. A wild chicken is also called a grouse. We have several species here. It was something we had often when I was a kid growing up in a family who depended on hunting. I am pleased you like hearing of Willow’s adventures. I also enjoy hearing about Nicky and Nora. All the best. Bob


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