_LME8804-sm.jpgThe Milky Way dips below the horizon, leaving the night to the brilliant winter stars.

Willow and I took for the benches, beyond the ruck, into the burn. We arrived early. The Moon wasn’t down and Orion wasn’t up. We neither had a cup of coffee or a beer to expedite the wait. Willow occupied herself looking for mice. I thought about hunting. How I could have filled the freezer by now, instead I’m foolishly after stars.

_LME8818-Pano.jpgIt was an exceptional fall day. No clouds, cool but with sunshine. Today cannnabis is legal for recreational use in Canada. It is the step in the right direction to give people the right to do what they have been doing all along. Growing, packaging, advertising, pricing distribution and tax collecting will now be handled and approved by government and friends.

_LME8794-smA meteor streaks beside Mars before it follows the moon over the eastern ridge. 

It is odd to see folks so long in favour of prohibition now on the other side, espousing and controlling the market they see as lucrative.

_LME8820-smAlong the fence line, into the darkness, chasing the night.

Wouldn’t it be funny if everybody just grew their own.

More small gardens would be a good thing.

It took the moon to go down before the sky was dark enough to make out The Milky Way.

_LME8799-smOrion rises, in pursuit of Taurus and Pleiades. The trees limbs point to Orion’s Belt.

Very fine night.



7 thoughts on “Clearing

  1. mountaincoward

    Isn’t it too cold to grow cannabis there? I thought you needed to keep it steamily warm? People here steal loads of electric to grow it – paid for by the rest of us of course!

    Beautiful photos 🙂


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, no it is not too cold. Cannabis is a hearty plant and will grow just about anywhere. Canada cannabis is a huge part of the economy and a big export, reasons the government wanted to legalize, so they can tax and get rid of organized crime. Canada also have grow ops in houses that steal electricity. The houses are usually uninhabitable after used as a grow op. I am sure it’s the same in England.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Julie. Yep, cannabis is now legal. It is odd to see the people now backing it. Some medium sized publicly traded oil and gas companies have changed products and gone into cannabis production. Strange. It will be interesting to see it play out. Take care.

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