western stars

_LME8765-Pano.smHazy nights often reveal colour from both Earth and the stars. The green and purples are from space. The orange is from earth, artificial light bouncing off clouds. Mars shows red near the horizon left. A rock sculpture is in the foreground, I damned near tripped over it and lit it with my cell phone so it could be seen in the photo. Lots of light, man made and natural.

Willow and I escaped the valley bottom and headed west. Usually it’s east for us to watch the stars come up. Once we got situated it was plain to see the stars were trying to shine through cloud.

Since February, The Milky Way has swung from right in front of me to over my shoulder. Willow’s nose was down; smelling rodents, sweating, busy all night making nests for winter. All of us attached to those stars whether we know it or not.

The stars seem to be going by faster now. They say that happens when you get older. The beer goes quicker near the bottom of the keg. Same with a full tank of gas. It seems to stay full forever, but the last quarter goes quick.

In the east, Orion (Wintermaker) is coming up sideways, turning face on, to guide us through cold.

9 thoughts on “western stars

  1. Jim R

    The sky was heavily populated making it hard to pick out familiar groupings. I like the subtle colors you pointed out. Good thing you didn’t trip over the rocks and break something. It would have spoiled things. Willow would have a time dragging you back to safety.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, when the sky is hazy it can appear distorted. It was easier to pick out groupings with the naked eye. Also, my iso was set at 4000. I rarely shoot at that high, so it is not as clear as it could be. The haze also makes the stars have halos. That is why Mars looks so big. Tonight looks like it may be clear so I might give it another go. And yes, Willow would have one heck of a time dragging my arse back to the truck. I think her best course of action would be to abandon me and save herself. Take care. Bob


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