dear deer


Heard Willow putting up a helluva fuss. Popped my head out of the studio and there she was head to head with a Mule Deer.

Deer kill dogs regularly within town limits by stomping them. Our neighbours Cocker Spaniel was killed a couple years ago. At this time of year the deer are starting the rut.

We are careful when we put Willow in the yard, making sure there isn’t any deer around. They will be circling my garden regularly now food is getting scarce. The sunflowers are blooming, the ground is still full of carrots and beets, along with the cabbage calling their name. It must look like a smorgasbord.


Willow and I have an agreement to try to look after each other. I get annoyed at her because she follows her nose, rolls in shit, eats live mice and birds then throws them up later. She also has issues with me. I fall asleep in cold places, forget some days to head into the bush, push her back while going through the drive through and insist Scarlett and Cooper are her masters.

When I saw Willow nose to nose with a deer, I picked up what was closest, a plastic pale and ran for the deer. It didn’t move for a second, then realized I meant business and turned and ran. I threw the bucket for good measure.


It was a terrible throw. Landing wide. Willow looked embarrassed for me. I tweaked my shoulder in the doing, damn I’m getting old.

8 thoughts on “dear deer

  1. Jim R

    Take a few practice throws each day. Don’t run fast. You could mess up your knees.

    Yes, getting older has many benefits. But, some of it is hazardous to your health.


  2. Anonymous

    Those deer can be vicious! I run at them with a broom and my best witches voice. Never thought of chucking a pail. The neighbours think I’m crazy, but I gotta keep my wee boy safe. Glad to know it runs in families!


    1. underswansea

      Ha ha ! Don’t let Lisa and my girls hear the phrase ‘throws like a girl’. Between you and I though, even an eleven year old child, male or female, would have had a better effort. Take care.

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