Perseids 2018

hoodoos_crop_smAndromeda and a Perseid share the sky above the ribs of earth.

Lisa and I spent the night and early morning chasing shooting stars.

The smoke in the valley bottom was poor so we headed for the mountains. It was still smokey but we could see stars.

_LME8309.smLisa captures a stunning meteor emanating from the heart of Perseus.

We spent a few hours at higher elevation. The Perseids flew. Lisa and I agreed trying to get photos of meteors is like fishing. It is so enjoyable, to cast or press the shutter, and see one jump or streak beyond our line. It is a beautiful thing to watch and experience. Just like fishing she caught the big one getting the picture above.

RCE_1010-Pano.smBackroads. A Perseid Meteor flys (left) over the haze and below the stars.

The meteors were continuous but not as plentiful as other years. It could be we missed the peak. It could also be the sky was obscured with smoke, letting us only see the brightest. The ones we saw were long and often left smoke trails.

RCE_1025-Pano_smOn the benches, coming home. Mars shining through the smoke (low, left of the Milky Way). The tip of a bright meteor at the top of the frame.

On the way home the smoke thickened. We stopped here and there to document the night.

We arrived home at 5. We agreed it’s tough to stay up all night, but well worth it.

hoodoos.satalite.smUn-cropped merged panorama. A satellite points back towards star clusters, Chi Persei and H Persei.

9 thoughts on “Perseids 2018

  1. Jim R

    Those are really nice photos you and Lisa got. I am envious. The skies here were soso. We could see the big and little dippers, cygnus, lyra, and cassio. No evidence of a Milky Way. In good seeing at that location, much more would be visible. Thanks to you both for giving me some good views of how it might have been.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Jim! It was a pretty good night considering the conditions we have had. The last photo of the satellite I posted for you. I thought you may be interested what they look like uncropped. This image is 3 photos merged. Although I am using a wide 20mm lens sometimes I want an even wider view. Standing close to a tree off to the side makes it easier to merge as it can be used for reference. Trying to just merge starry sky is difficult. If you ever want a full resolution file to study the stars I would be happy to email one to you. Take care.


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