Venus’ Lady’s Slipper


I was in the bush a little over a week ago looking for orchids. All I found was a few flat petals on top of the moss. I was on time but they were late.

Today. Willow and I set out early, just to check. It’s been busy and we had to be quick. Sure enough, the first of the wild orchids were in abundance.


Calypso Bulbosa is only about three inches tall. They are hard to get pictures of without laying on the ground. Each flower seems different. Some are almost white.

They won’t last long. Another week and they will disappear back into the forest floor.


Willow ran, barked at the sun’s arrival, kept the perimeter clear and checked in with me periodically. She is good at her job. I feel bad when we get busy because she doesn’t get to be in the mountains. Still she never complains.


The stars and orchids are in the same place, while I walk around, not on the earth or into the sky either. Somehow, I’ve been lucky enough they let me watch on occasion.

They’re always on time, while I stumble around, call Willow and crash my way back to the valley bottom, late as usual.

Very fine morning.

8 thoughts on “Venus’ Lady’s Slipper

  1. Jim R

    What nice jewels they are. I see why you look for them in this time of year. I have an orchid in the house that is having trouble. I need to repot it in a healthier mix. It got root-bound. Give Willow a scratch for me.


    1. underswansea

      Willow says ‘Thanks Jim’. Was back in the mountains this morning. The yellow orchids are close to opening. Good luck with your potted orchid. Say Hi to Melanie fro me. No doubt she is quilting up a storm. Take care.


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