Quick trip into the big city. We left early and the three hours went by quick with us chatting and the traffic lite. The smoke from the forest fires wasn’t too bad.

We hit Costco. We had shopping lists for four families. It went surprisingly smooth and didn’t have to wait at check out.

I bought a couple of Lavender and Barberry bushes at about the third the price I could get them at home. Then we fuelled up with the cheapest gas in Canada. Albertans love to bitch, but they don’t know how good they have it. Not that I’d ever trade places.

Now I just have to figure out where to put those Barberry and Lavender bushes.


Lisa had her appointment and we stopped at a mall so she could find a dress for a summer wedding we are invited to.

Looking for the dress took longer than Costco and the appointment put together. I walked around the mall looking through windows, but not going in. I saw Louis C.K. working at Sporting Life at the South Centre Mall. He was taller than he looks on TV. But it was him, sure as hell.

Lisa found a wonderful bright pant suit and colourful top. A summer ensemble. She looks gorgeous in it. Now I’m feeling bad for her, because I am going to look shabby on her arm.


The way home was a steady stream of traffic with every kind of driver. I like to hang back and give the impatient plenty of room in case they have to dodge in on the two lane highway through Kootenay National Park. There was a few times I felt like closing the gap and leave them hanging out there in oncoming traffic, but that wouldn’t be good for anybody.


When we were home and unloaded, I checked the garden. Perhaps it was the walk stretching my legs. I had a twelve second fart that broke the quiet of the evening. Even the birds stopped chirping and were struck with awe. A few neighbours came out and looked skyward. I had been travelling in the truck all day with Lisa and it built up. I was impressed I still had it in me.

5 thoughts on “Travel

  1. Jim R

    As I left our CostCo the other day I followed a woman struggling to pull a heaping cart and push an orange cart with over 30 gallons of milk. I offered to help and asked who she was feeding. She said the milk was for the coffee shop where she works. She does this every week.
    I can imagine you needed to tighten your belt a couple of notches after that 12 sec.


    1. underswansea

      Costco is like a level of hell for me. Lisa makes a list for me and it is order of where the items are. She starts at the front of the building and moves to the back. It is like a map and if I follow it I will be ok.
      Take care in Iowa, Bob

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      1. Jim R

        I try to go to CostCo only soon after they open. Going later is a ‘level of hell’ for sure. Ours is less than 2 miles away. We can go more often and spend less time. No big overflowing carts for us.


  2. mountaincoward

    I can’t even imagine how you can extend a fart to 12 seconds!

    I have to admit I’m one of the ‘overtake everything’ drivers – it’s hard here though as there’s just too much traffic so no gaps and pretty much only one lane each way.


    1. underswansea

      It is a gift.

      We have two employees from the UK working at the resort and they hate our roads, especially at night. Not sure why.


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