Water water everywhere

Who pissed in my sink?

This is what District of Invermere (DOI) water looks like. I still drink it because I am told it is tested and fine for consumption, plus, I’ve seen Willow drink out of murky mud puddles on the side of a slough and she has always been fine.

Infrastructure and utilities has never been a strong suit of the DOI. Historically to present, Mayor and Council, primarily made up of real estate agents and businesspeople, have been known to act more as a chamber of commerce, who’s primary goal is to attract tourists and figure out ways to fit more boats on Lake Windermere, all the while, and without fail, feathering their own nests. Welcome to a tourist town.

Not that this is anything new or specific to this town. It’s the way things work most everywhere. The best a person can hope for is what is good for a politician; local, provincial or federal, is also good for the majority. In Canada, most of the time it is. If it happens, the politician gets rich in the meantime, we should be happy they didn’t resolve to display further greed and incompetence to make more people worse off.

If one was to complain about the water quality to the officials of DOI, which I would never do (why present concern to deaf ears?), the answer would be, ‘get a home water purification system if you are concerned’.

We are lucky to have an abundance of clear fresh water in the Columbia Valley, it just doesn’t flow through the pipes below the District of Invermere. 

5 thoughts on “Water water everywhere

  1. mountaincoward

    I have to admit that you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet’ – the water we used to get out of the taps in the Outer Hebrides was really, really brown. But this was because it contained a high amount of peat and that is sterile anyway so didn’t cause any problems and you could drink it without boiling it etc. It actually was much softer water than other places so didn’t cause any furring and it was actually a nice taste as it was so untreated there. It actually made weak tea look better too! 😉

    But to tell you to get a purification system is downright cheeky of them!


    1. underswansea

      I have heard it’s the peaty water that gives Scotch Whisky it’s definitive taste.

      The water here is fine, it just has bad colour, smell and taste. I drink it all the time without boiling and it has never made me sick. Most people in town, including Lisa, buy or bring in fresh water.


      1. underswansea

        Lisa gets her water from a spring that comes out of the side of a mountain. It’s one my father and grandfather used.
        We try not to use one use plastics like water bottles.


      2. mountaincoward

        Most of the water in the Lake District hotels and houses comes out of hillside springs. The visitors don’t realise that – they’re townies and funny about such things so they wouldn’t like it if they knew. But it’s all good and clean.


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