Belly ache

The body has been aching. I have the job of taking out 80 old mattresses and replacing with new. Some are up three flights of stairs. Most are king size. My main job, I keep reminding myself, is not getting hurt.

I am about half way there. I counted 40 in the underground.

About the only thing I have to offer an employer is my strength. Of course getting old is going to limit my worth. I don’t blame them. No big defined government pension awaits to soften the blow. That’s my own fault too!

I’ll hang in there as long as I can.

In the meantime the first beer tasted good. Give me another.


I grew up with the sound of dogs barking and trains going by. It has been replaced with the rev of motor boats and car alarms. That does something to you.


People walk by with dogs on leashes. They never bark. Not the dogs, not the people. Willow hates the leash and barks plenty. I let her. I think all the silent dogs scare her.

6 thoughts on “Belly ache

    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim! Good eye spotting the satellites. Fourteen satellites can be spotted in the original. It is almost impossible now to take a picture of the night sky without getting a few. I look at it as another form of pollution.


  1. mountaincoward

    Dogs bark plenty here! They almost never stop – I think it’s mainly because the whole country is full of spaniels now and they truly love to bark!

    I keep wondering how our government expect people with manual jobs here to work until their 70s – but they think it will all be okay! You also wonder in the service industries and office jobs etc. how much brainpower there will be left too – a lot of people start with dementia quite early.


  2. underswansea

    Lisa and I have resigned ourselves to never retiring. It has to do with living in a tourist area with low wages and high costs. Luckily we are quite resourceful. Meanwhile we will continue to pay for government employees early retirement, high wages, generous benefits, extra holidays and bloated defined pensions. With that said, they can have it all because they are the laziest, most incompetent and discontented workers in Canada and I wouldn’t trade places with them for twice their compensation.


    1. underswansea

      Dan sounds like he was a great dog. You must still miss seeing him run on those black sand beaches.
      The beds all got in with my back intact. Take care.

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