Christmas Season

Decorating the tree. Lisa picked the topper. She said it looked like us in our prime.

It has been a whirlwind. We have had all of our kids out. They have some time off which is great. Kids and dogs have occupied our house, just like old times.

Getting the spuds ready for Christmas dinner. Norlands and Russet. The Norlands think it is spring and have sprouted.

Work at the resort is busy. It has snowed quite a bit, lately we have had a melt which means ice.

Some of the kids and Willow enjoying cocktails.

My brother-in-law Kurt had a heart attack a few days ago and is in the hospital in Calgary. My sister Deb and I made the trip in. He seems good. He is in good shape and very strong. He will have to be on medication and eat only lettuce for awhile. It’s the shits, but better than the alternative.

I picked up a rack of lamb in Calgary for Lisa and I for our New Year’s Dinner. All the kids will be at parties. It will be just us and the dogs. We will probably be in bed by 9.

Scarlett and Cooper meeting the Big Guy. Nobody seems really comfortable.

Wishing everyone the best this holiday season.

Christmas Eve dinner.
Chad and Maddy with the hounds.
Merry Christmas!

11 thoughts on “Christmas Season

  1. mountaincoward

    Great post. I’m completely unable to prepare fresh veg with my one hand and have had to have ready meals delivered which isn’t as good, filling or as healthy! My potatoes always sprout be the way – I keep them in the dark in the garage…


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, I can imagine you are having trouble doing a lot of things with only one hand. The good thing is pinned bones usually heal pretty fast. Our potatoes are kept in the dark cellar and also sprout. The red ones sprout early. I invited Jack for Christmas dinner. If you recall he is the young man from the UK who I took hiking in the fall. Such a nice fellow and he fit in perfectly, being about the same age as my kids and a hearty eater. Wishing you fast healing and a Happy New Year!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. underswansea

      Thanks Julie! I hope you and Andrew had a good New Years and Christmas. Yes Cooper and Scarlett are getting big. It was great to have everyone home. Wishing you the best.

      Liked by 1 person

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