Sunday in November

Above the din. The valley is below that grey cloud cover.

Socked in down below. We headed for higher ground. Lisa said, she hoped it wasn’t a harbinger to come. The valley bottom can close in on you. Sometimes the only way is to meet the blue halfway.


A waning moon rolls down the backside of Swansea.

The stores had bare shelves this weekend. The only things left were expensive. Sobeys had a two rib roast, about three pounds for $119. I often wonder who pays that or does that roast go to waste. It could be it is a long weekend and the tourists are out in force. Prices go up on long weekends. It was the same in all three grocery stores.

We keep food in the freezer for these occasions. Some shank meat, garlic, onions, beef broth and red wine makes for a good stew.


Willow and Lola. Lola is a puppy and wanted to play with Willow and the stick. She was greeted with growls when she tried to take it away.

Our national broadcaster, CBC, gives us news and entertainment, and also lets us know, or suggests how we should think and prepare. More than likely exceeding their mandate. Lately, there has been plenty of articles about belt tightening and preparing for the worst. If they are to believed, the economy is going to go in the shitter. Higher prices and interest rates, less medical, education and safety nets.


Canadians, unlike Americans don’t blame our politicians. We concede it is world wide. Americans put up stickers of President Biden pointing at the increased price at the pumps with the caption, ‘I did that’.


It is hard to know what will happen next. We are lucky to live at a time in history, that we don’t die of an ear or tooth infection at nine years old. We get to live to the oldest age in human history. Our warring has slowed. Technology has spared us from the fate of our ancestors. Yet we can only think about how bad things are for us. Plenty of people on this planet have reason to complain, but here, in Canada and the US, for the most part, we do not.

Willow loving November.

8 thoughts on “Sunday in November

  1. Carol A. Hand

    At the co-op today, a woman came up to me to show me the loaf of bread she was buying. “Six dollars for bread isn’t bad.” YIKES, I thought, but we chatted about other things for a moment. I buy the bread here, too. It is good and locally baked, and it’s been that expensive for a while. I don’t eat bread often so it lasts a long time in the freezer. But I passed on the can of soup for six-fifty! Two weeks ago, it was only five-fifty. I passed on it then, too…

    You’re right about privilege, Bob. It’s far too easy to take it for granted. I’m grateful for the hard years that taught me to be grateful and frugal and the importance of a small piece of land to grow food. I wish I could do more for those who are not so fortunate.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, prices are heading up. Times could be getting tough but it could be a teacher. Helping others could also be a possibility to teach. One thing I know, things aren’t going to stay the same. Wishing you peace over the many miles that separates our campfires.

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  2. mountaincoward

    Poor Lola!

    People here blame the government for everything – even those who believe in man-made climate change (which I personally do), moan that the government should do more when really the population should do less – less driving around, less profligacy, less waste etc. They seem to shirk all responsibility for all their problems – easier to blame others I suppose.

    People laugh at me for being frugal (they generally say I’m ‘tight’ or mean) but it’s how I was brought up. Yorkshire folk are frugal in general – like the Scots.

    As to dying of an ear infection or suchlike, that might be on the way back with all the anti-biotic misuse and resulting resistance.


    1. underswansea

      Lisa and I are also tight. We can work hard and get by on less. I hope healthcare is not going in that direction. All signs point to you and I and the people born at the same time existing at a fortunate time in human history. Take care, keep the dampness at bay.


  3. Julie@frogpondfarm

    Great photos Bob … I can just imagine Willow not wanting to share her stick! Yes we are lucky to live in this time ..although my childhood without computers, mobiles and the likes was wonderful. Just wish we cared more for our world and others ..


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