Sunday satire

The winter stars are up early. The flowers are still out in October. Once it turns it’s going to turn hard. The turnips and cabbage could use some frost. The garlic has to be planted two weeks before frost is in the ground. That’s a tuff thing to predict in this climate

Speaking of climate change, I don’t believe in it. Let me clarify, the climate may be changing, but humans don’t have anything to do with it. I know I’m starting to sound like one of those right wing nuts where everything is a conspiracy and oil is god.

Here is my reasoning; if we were really concerned that global warming was caused by humans, wouldn’t we be trying to do something about it?

All I see is companies trying to get us to switch to electric cars, and wind and solar energy. Meanwhile we keep building second homes, buying jet boats, getting in jet planes and exploring every inch of the earth. If we gave a shit, if things were as dire as they say, we wouldn’t be doing all that. Even the rich would be, putting their greed aside, thinking about their kids and the world they are leaving behind.

I think the climate crisis is just a plot to scare us shitless, sell us electric cars and more crap we don’t need.

That’s what I figure.

9 thoughts on “Sunday satire

  1. larrymuffin

    A very good comment on Climate Change and I do agree with you, what is wrong with us humans and the choices we make. We do live in a consumer society and we are heavily conditioned as consumers and also the ME generation and ME first etc.. does not help in choices we make towards our future. I believe that humans only take action when faced with a catastrophy and even then we would blame governments.

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    1. underswansea

      It’s nuts! We could be doing so much more. It seems the precautions we are taking all have am economic benefit, such as electric cars. The choices we have to make may not have an economic benefit, but may have a huge positive environmental impact.


    1. underswansea

      I think we agree, notice the word ‘satire’ in the title.
      I can’t get over how we drag our feet on things we could do that could really make a difference.

      The District of Invermere, where I live, hired a person to consult on Climate Change. In two years the District has tried to ban plastic bags and have been unsuccessful. They have also purchased an electric vehicle with Invermere’s logo on it, that sits mostly unused at the towns office.

      Meanwhile, jet boats cover the lake and huge second homes are being built at an accelerated rate around the lake.

      A second home has to be one of the the biggest causes of carbon emmisions.

      The District of Invermere, and it’s small town politicians, are trying to figure out ways to accelerate the building of second homes and putting more boats on the lake. they have even proposed a crane system to put in the boats because all the docks are too busy.

      Meanwhile the District’s $100,000 dollar a year climate specialist says we don’t need plastic bags.

      It is frustrating to watch. At some point we have to get serious about making changes. There is plenty we could do and some of it might hurt.

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  2. mountaincoward

    What a stunning photo – how did you do the foreground lighting of the trees and land? Beautiful effect!

    I personally believe in climate change being fairly man-made and don’t believe that people will do anything about things like that until it really hits hard and is too late (well, most people you understand – you and I would and other responsible adults but there are many who aren’t responsible adults and just want to have fun and use whatever they like until it runs out).

    I also think we’ve passed the tipping point. Unfortunately for us this far north, I think we’re getting cooling rather than warming – certainly it’s the coldest, shortest, windiest summer I’ve ever seen in 65 years! Up here… ‘Down south’, however, they’ve had it really hot and dry but we’ve had completely the opposite but only in the northernmost counties of England.


    1. underswansea

      The foreground is being lit by lights from town. It is a fine balance to have them do that and still be able to see the stars.

      I have faith in people doing the right thing when faced with dire consequences. I don’t see that here. There is so much we could do that we are not doing. It seems like the only thing we are willing to do are things that will have positive economic benefits, like everyone sending their vehicle to the scrap yard and buying an electric vehicle.

      Instead of that how about this, no getting on a jet plane and no second home. Could you imagine the difference that would make. Someday we may have to make that choice in earnest.

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  3. mountaincoward

    A further comment – on electric cars. They want us all to get one but are still keeping the price of them way out of reach of most working-class adults – I’ll certainly never be able to afford one.

    And yet another comment on them… why on earth don’t they have rooves which consist of solar panels instead of just a plain roof? I saw a van like that the other day and it makes perfect sense for an electric vehicle to try to be charging up during daylight hours on its own! If I ever did get one (and I believe they’ll try to force us to shortly, it will take me 2 days to charge it up on our rural electric supply over here! Literally – 48 hours! Ridiculous and unworkable…


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