The weed has had a good season. Again, I have more than I know what to do with. Now that it’s legal you can’t even give it away. It’s a good looking plant with a relaxing smell and very receptive to the changing light.

The good stuff people are after is grown inside, under lights, sold by the government, with plenty of fertilizers. That’s fine, especially if you want to get high as fuck (and who doesn’t).

These plants aren’t like that. But they sure will ease the pain and guarantee a good nights sleep.

7 thoughts on “Weeds

    1. underswansea

      Most cannabis is either indica or sativa. Indica promotes rest, pain relief. Sativa’s effect is energy and creativity. Both will stimulate appetite. If you were buying something in the store, I would recommend a rolled cigarette (joint). Don’t smoke the whole thing, only a couple of puffs. Sit back and read your book. Stores also sell edibles like candies with THC. The problem with these is they can take up to an hour or two before they kick in. During that time people will sometime eat more and when it does take effect the results can be very unpleasant. I would only recommend trying cannabis if you think it could help you with something; pain relief, sleep, appetite, anxiety, etc. I would also recommend reading up on it like any drug before trying it. Take care.

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    1. underswansea

      Many people swear by the positive effects of CBD. My father-in-law uses a CBD rub for inflammation. I grew a plant, high in CBD, a few years ago for Lisa who suffers from migraine headaches. I rendered it into oil, but it didn’t help her.


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