A brilliant day.

We were up early. It was a stretch. Decided to look for berries. Stretch, because it’s early. Still a ride into the bush is always welcome and never a waste regardless of season.

The bush changes. Seasons are earlier or later. Logging roads prop up confusing the shit out of me. I’m on one, then another, while looking for the old road I used to remember.

Willow chasing a rodent down a small hole. Willow does her best to dig and expand the hole.

Lisa says, no sense getting mad about it. She is right of course. Sometimes I turn down the right road that’s now a goat trail, a better route having been carved out of the land. Usually, and amazingly, we end up where we want to go.

Thousands of chipmunks took their turns driving Willow crazy.

The berries look like they will be on time this year. We were early but happy.

11 thoughts on “Backroads

  1. larry

    Again wonderful photos. PEI Strawberry Season is closing now and I bought the last ones from the farmer down the road. Supermarket now have those Driscoll Berries from California and they are tasteless. In August we will have other berries and now we are entering vegetable season with tons of fresh stuff available from the farmers direct. Does Willow kill and eat them rodents? Nora would probably just kill them and walk away.


    1. mountaincoward

      I think all strawberries from commercial outlets are totally tasteless – I’m pretty sure they do it deliberately as those are the ones (often totally unripe) which don’t go off quickly. I’ve been eating my own the last couple of weeks and had forgotten how good real strawberries taste! And I don’t give a damn if they’re funny shapes either…


      1. mountaincoward

        they like quite a bit of water I think so it might depend on your rainfall. It’s quite a short season in a normal garden though – I think I had a couple of weeks worth…


      2. underswansea

        We don’t get much for rainfall. Some people do grow them here. I grew a few plants for a couple of years but the dear ate them.


    2. underswansea

      Hi Larry, Willow rarely catches rodents. If she does however, she will kill and eat them. The killing is done by a vigorous and violent head shaking with the unfortunate animal in her jaws. Willow isn’t the best hunter, nor is she overly committed. The wire-haired we had before Willow was an exceptional tracker and hunter. I used to think she was more of a wild animal than a dog, other than she was exceedingly sweet.
      I am looking forward to the peaches grown in south central BC. A couple more weeks yet. Take care.


  2. mountaincoward

    That mountain in the photo looks a beast! And still with snow on – do you keep the snow caps all year round?

    Our areas of forestry (nothing like as many as you have over there) are just as confusing. The map will show routes which no longer exist and have overgrown and there are new routes everywhere – and of course, as you’re in forest, you can’t damn well see which way to head! Annoying on foot as you can walk miles out of your way.


    1. underswansea

      That’s a good mountain. The start of the Bugaboos. Plenty of roads that I am unfamiliar with. Had to step over plenty of deadfalls.


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