The garden is coming. We have enjoyed some wonderful salads. Everything is up and if I don’t get the fences up for the peas soon they will flop over and will have to be trained.


The rain has been falling for a couple of three days now. The grass is knee high. The good neighbour Larry’s feral cats, the mother and kittens, are starting to wonder around. She took up nesting under his hot tub that hasn’t been operational for ten or fifteen years. The cat’s a calico. Larry’s a radical. Not sure how the kittens look. All I hope is they stay across the road, which they won’t. Larry might, but the cats will wonder.

Red Cabbage.

We still can’t see the tops of the mountains due to storms. If it heats up the snow will melt up high, the rivers will swell and the wetlands will flood. It’s been a long time since Athalmer has been underwater, lot’s of fill and dykes. Can’t say it won’t happen again.

9 thoughts on “Rain

    1. underswansea

      Yes I have been invited into Larry’s hot tub on occasion but have always declined. At one time it was a pool of decadence sending several marriages to rack and ruin. It even was the catalyst for the neighbour on the other side of Larry moving out of the area. It’s a legendary spot , however most likely better dysfunctional.

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    1. underswansea

      Thanks! My broccoli has heads about 4 inches across, so it is coming along. Yes, where is your post? I am starting to think the Frog Pond corespondent is not only lost but deliberately delinquent. 🙂

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