A good friend and father is worried about his daughter and family.

They are conspiracy theorists. She called him to dissuade him from getting vaccinated for Covid. Bill Gates, nanobytes in the serum, government taking over and the rest of the bullshit.

It’s unfortunate. He is worried, not so much about them not being vaccinated, but what rabbit hole they may go down next. Each one of those holes get deeper.

I understand not trusting the government due to their incompetence, but that’s also why they can be trusted.

Those kids are in their thirties, not quite kids anymore, they have kids of their own, they like to think of themselves as living off the grid.

They have internet service, to keep the kids busy on their iPads and to keep feeding them the latest conspiracy theories.

Neither parents have jobs. Considering their view of the government, they have no problem signing up and receiving every bit of assistance the government is offering.

Regardless of their beliefs, and contradictions, it seems like a difficult life to maintain.

8 thoughts on “THE GRASSY KNOLL

  1. Christian

    Your quote “I understand not trusting the government due to their incompetence, but that’s also why they can be trusted.” speaks volumes. In one sentence you have perfectly articulated the reality of government.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Christian, it is a sad statement. But also reassuring the arseholes we elect won’t get too out of control. 🙂


  2. mountaincoward

    We see loads of those kind come into the shop on a regular basis – the anti-maskers etc. One woman played holy hell with me the other day for ‘daring’ to ask her if she HAD a mask – not to wear it – just did she have one. The reason I asked is because many forget to put it on and that prompts them. She stayed for a good half hour, ranting and swearing at us and ringing our head office to complain (I quickly removed my name badge 😉 )

    She started off with the ‘poor me, I’m disabled and therefore exempt’ but ended up getting onto the disease not being real, that we’re being damaged by electro-magnetic radiation, and that all the Covid thing is part of a government plan. I asked whether she really thought the government would bankrupt the economy and all their business-men supporters just to get ‘control over us’ and she really believed they would. Complete nutter!

    Luckily, the other folk who came into the shop were also essential key workers and well used to her type so they just did the eye-rolling and sympathetic smiles to us – as you do.

    The worst of this woman was that she said I was infringing her human rights ASKING if she had a mask – never mind our human rights being infringed by being infected with the germs of anti-maskers like her and not being able to get vaccinated anyway.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, your experience with the nut sounds like our experience here. Lisa had someone in the shop recently that was the same. This guy also had health problems and asked Lisa what blood type she was to see if she was a candidate to give him a kidney. Meanwhile he won’t even put on a mask when he comes into the shop. He also is into the conspiracy theories, doesn’t pay taxes etc, etc. It just sounds like an impossible life to lead.


    1. underswansea

      Thanks! Considering it’s pitch black and I can’t see my hand in front of my face it turned out pretty good. Take care.


      1. mountaincoward

        Every time I see your night photography, it reminds me I must get my manual out for my old Zenith film camera to see how to do it! But then, by the time I log off, I forget 😦


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