The lights of Invermere across Lake Windermere.

Cleaned up the wood pile. We have about as much firewood as we started with before winter, due to Lisa and I getting a few loads in December and January.

We’ve been burning it even in spring when the weather turns rainy and cold. We are rich with firewood. It feels good.


I drove a good sliver into my hand the other day. Of course my hands have been softened by the gallons of hand sanitizer I apply every time entering a building. At least it won’t become infected.


In my dream last night I was walking behind a women with hairy legs, strangely aroused, I wondered if she had hairy armpits too.

The winter stars, Betelgeuse in it’s diminished state, star clusters Hyades and the Beehive on either side of the page. The big dog, front and centre, twinkling in the muck.

It didn’t seem like a hard winter. The dry sunflowers still have a few seeds. I find them hidden in the woodpile where the bark was left on the fir. The Chickadees show up to take them out the trees and between shingles on the shed. They planned well and came out chirping on the other end. Sometimes they’re not so lucky. A reminder of sorts. No matter how much we plan we’ll all have that bad winter one of these days.


Winter’s on it’s way out. Orion’s still up there after dark, but it won’t last. The extra light, before the turning, will take care of it faster than should be allowed.

10 thoughts on “fever

  1. Jim R

    It looks like you captured all the notables in that winter sky shot. Our Chickadees were busy all winter stashing seeds everywhere. The Nuthatches helped. Yesterday, I watched the Chickadees bringing nesting material to a hole in a small tree near the bedroom window. I hope they stay and raise a brood.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, tonight I watched as it became dark. The constellations were much easier to pick out as only the brightest stars could be seen. My eye is always drawn to the Cancer and the Beehive. I read exoplanets have been found within the star cluster. I hope your Chickadees stay put. Take care. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. mountaincoward

    The hairy legs/hairy armpits dream made me laugh – my ex used to like hairy armpits on women!

    My winter seemed really, really loooong! It’s sunny most days now but with a bitterly cold wind. I’m fed up of feeling cold now and wearing loads of clothes – I want to get undressed and wear colours again!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, spring is kicking in but it’s still below freezing at night, and I think we may have another snowstorm in the valley bottom before we can declare the end of winter. Not sure what to make of the hairy dream. When I was a youngster I used to sneak down to my older brothers room and look at his dirty magazines, now those ladies were hairy! !t was the early 70’s after all. Perhaps I was having a flashback! Take care and stay warm.


      1. mountaincoward

        I don’t remember girls in dirty mags being hairy in the 70s and 80s – I used to sneak read them too! Not that I was ever ashamed of it. I never bought them though…

        I once walked into the rest room at work and casually walked past the TV (which was always on and people sat around watching it – at work!). I’d already passed it and my mind suddenly registered what I’d seen – a woman giving oral! I did a double-take and came back and the lads were all watching a blue movie – at work! Wouldn’t have minded but there was a huge window to the other building right behind them and looking straight at the telly!

        We had snow flurries all day today and it’s a viciously cold wind and below freezing overnight. But it’s fairly unusual conditions for here most years…


      2. underswansea

        If you were in Canada, and had that work experience, you’d have security for life, claiming PTSD for exposure to such filth!
        I am saving your first paragraph as an example of how men and women look on things differently.
        Beautiful day here. Garden’s dug.


      3. mountaincoward

        I personally think you only really get PTSD in a warzone or suchlike. All this people claiming their lives are ruined over a bit of ‘up-skirting’ or the like I think is ridiculous. It just says to me they’re not really living their lives if they have time to worry about such stuff!

        I need to do some gardening but I just find it too cold to go outside. I’ll go walking but I can’t bear to go out into the garden. I don’t have any really heavy digging or anything labour intensive to do so I’d just get too cold! (I’m really soft in case you hadn’t gathered).

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  3. Julie@frogpondfarm

    You’re right .. it won’t get infected! Good news on the wood store Bob. We have to get cracking on ours .. residents of Frog Pond are slack this year 🙂 Great shots Bob .. Glad there aren’t any hairy armpits!


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