A sign of spring.

Very fine weekend. Yesterday Lisa and I went skating on the lake. We got on in the south to try to avoid the ruck. Willow also enjoyed the time having no problem keeping up with us. We saw a lot of people doing the same as us, enjoying the fresh air. Many remarked on the friendliness of Willow and wondered about her breed, never having seen a Wire-Haired Weiner Dog before. Most of the people we saw and talked to were tourists. I was happy for them to be enjoying the lake and ice on skates and x-country skis.

Today we headed into the bush, staying on the roads that are open and plowed. We hiked into a spot we go to often. Last night people had started a fire and cut down live trees to feed their large bonfire. They left a mess, beer cans, food and garbage. This is not unusual. I can never understand cutting down live trees to feed a bush fire when dried wood is so readily available. We threw snow on the fire and remarked that we will have to come back, when the roads open, to clean it up. Lisa said something that worried me. She said, she is not sure if she likes this spot anymore.

So many places we once loved have been ruined or destroyed by the crowds. It is disappointing. We are pushed further, usually up the creeks and rivers as most small lake shores have been littered with campers/partiers.

With heavy hearts we turned back, looking for spring in the rising temperatures. Just like many years previous I looked for the earliest pussy willows, to our delight a few were breaking through the skin of their buds. It is amazing what a few hours of above freezing temperatures will do. Also amazing what such small things can change the spirit from dark to light. Very fine weekend.

6 thoughts on “February

  1. mountaincoward

    If I tried skating, I’d spend the whole day on my arse! 😉

    Awful about your once-favourite spot being ruined – I know that kind of thing spoils the atmosphere of a place though so can see where Lisa is coming from. Shows what stupid people they were if they were trying to burn green (live) wood as it just doesn’t burn!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, yes it does spoil the atmosphere, that is the perfect way to put it. There is a lot of places that have been spoiled since we have become a tourist destination. Take care and thanks for your comment. PS skating is easier than it looks. 🙂


  2. Julie@frogpondfarm

    Hey Bob .. people never cease to amaze me! Grrhhh So Sorry to hear that you are sharing your spot with selfish pratts! Burning live wood .. my oh my, that’s clever. Pleased to hear that it did turn into a fine weekend. That’s the spirit


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