It is hard to believe we are experiencing a pandemic and have been given instructions to not travel and social distance, keep to your household, etc.

The Columbia Valley is located in an interesting part of British Columbia. Three hours away from Calgary, Alberta. Home of some of the most entitled residents in Canada, wealthy, individualistic with a huge chip on their shoulders thinking they have been hard done by by the rest of Canada.

Lake Windermere is surrounded by their opulent second homes, or cabins as they like to call them. Albertans like to remind us at every turn that we are nothing without them. I can’t tell you how often I have been told that this part of BC is their ‘backyard’.

This is the end of a long weekend that saw the area swamped with tourists, the overwhelming majority from Alberta. Every resort full to the rafters, people gathering in condos, outside, shopping, on the lake, at the ski hills and bumping into each other in parking lots.

Who could blame tourists for wanting to be here with the abundance of fresh air, recreation and scenery. Normally they would be welcome with open arms, but these are not normal times. It isn’t inconceivable, even probable some tourists from Alberta have travelled to the Columbia Valley to skirt the health and safety Covid protocols of their home province.

It makes me feel foolish. Why are we adhering to Covid protocols while so many are not? Why are we not seeing our children and grandchildren? Why am I wearing a mask while people in stores and gas stations do not?

It also makes me wonder, at the rate we are going, how will we be able to put the pandemic behind us.

My guess is only about one third of people, in this area, locals and tourists, are adhering to health protocols; one third believe there is Covid but don’t give a shit, because they believe it doesn’t affect them; and the last third don’t believe there is a pandemic and it is made up by government or some higher order to take away our freedoms and control us.

Regarding the last group of people, our local newspaper has given them plenty of space to state their case, with the editor even writing an editorial how we should approach their argument with an open mind. Sorry but I don’t think reptilian super beings are trying to control me. Sometimes I wish I did so I could feel smug like the rest of them in the knowledge that I have all the answers. Is it a coincidence that many of these folks don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground, but have fantastic hypothesis’ on the working of the world.

And the third of the people that don’t give a shit, the travellers from Alberta and beyond and our local politicians acting like giddy school girls welcoming visitors to the valley in spite of our top doctors warning against it, thanks for nothing.

Perhaps a vaccine will put an end to the pandemic, however that is not entirely clear. If it doesn’t we will be in a heap of trouble. There is no way we can control the spread of the disease with only one third of the population adhering to protocols.

So why don’t we just say, ‘fuck it’ and let sickness run it’s course. The final results will be quicker. Sure there will be deaths, but there will anyway, and herd immunity will be achieved faster, after all, it’s just a strain of flu we are talking about.

Of course, I am being flippant but also deadly serious. How long will it take for the one third to look around and question why they are being vigilant in light of so many being inattentive.

I like to think this small tourist trap I live in is not indicative of the rest of Canada. That progress stopping the spread is being made. If I am wrong then throw away the protocols – I’d love to see my children.

This is only the first long weekend of the year and I’m already sick of people selfishly thumbing their noses at the Covid health protocols handed down by our Prime Minister, Provincial Premiers and Canada’s top doctors and scientists.

4 thoughts on “rant

  1. mountaincoward

    Very, very well said! It’s certainly indicative of our tourist area where I live and work too – it’s damn scary how so many people just don’t care about whether they infect others or not and refuse to take any precautions.

    It’s part of the reason I’ve continued going to the local hills despite being told we ‘should only walk from our local town or village’ – why should I not keep my lungs fit and healthy on my own in the hills when others are out to infect me anyway! Especially seeing as I’m supposed to continue being a key shop worker with no vaccination and none on the horizon!

    Disgusting also that the newspapers are siding with, and giving space to, the Covidiots who spout conspiracy theories without ever engaging their brain. If they did engage their brains, they’d see that no Government on Earth is going to invent something to ‘control’ the people if, while doing so, it completely destroys the economy (which Covid is doing)!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, thank you for your comments. It has been a trying time here. We have also had outbreaks in several ski communities around us. It is disappointing. Take care and keep hiking those hills. Bob


  2. larrymuffin

    I do agree with you and this is why I am happy that PEI is closed to tourists and non-essential travel. We have had 114 cases so far in 13 months and all related to people returning from abroad. Health PEI is following the situation very closely and our Premier Dennis King is letting Health Official call the shots. I would not want to be anywhere else in Canada now, to many selfish people. Everyone here is scheduled for a shot and it is going well. Something to be said about living in a small place.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, it has been exasperating to see some of the things going on here. I plan on writing to our Provincial MLA and Premier, not that it will do much good. I just feel that I have to say something. The mixed messages have to stop. Premier Horgan is NDP and has been vocal about sensible health protocols. On the other hand our MLA is a member of the opposition BC Liberal Party (the BC Liberal Party is actually the Conservative party in BC), I know him personally, he and our mayor have gone against what our Premier and top doctor Bonnie Henry have been encouraging people to do. Perhaps it is politics in play, but I don’t think the handling of Covid should be political. Our Mayor and MLA have even been interviewed on CBC and newspapers where they relayed the message that this area is open for business and encouraging tourists from Alberta to visit. It is very discouraging. My letters to them will not change their stance, but I want them to know their are people who do not approve of the way they are conducting themselves. Take care and stay healthy. Thanks for commenting. Bob


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