Snow, melt, snow. The valley bottom has seen it’s share of weather more attributed to spring than January. I’m still waiting for a cold spell that must surely be coming, looking forward to it actually. The firewood is ready.

This is the month The Milky Way returns rising in the dark, before dawn, perpendicular to the Columbia River and Rocky Mountains.

It’s the month voices can be heard in the creeks running over ice. The wind knocking the snow out of the trees are also trying to say something. I turn my head this way and that like an exquisite dog trying to decipher what’s being said. I still don’t get most of it.

It can be cruel or not, but never easy.

8 thoughts on “february

  1. Jim R

    We would gladly share some of our wintry weather with you. Blizzard condition hit yesterday midday with zero visibility. A couple of inches of snow was horizontal for several hours. Cold and clear this morning. Cold for the next week.


    1. underswansea

      Sounds like you are getting the brunt in February. We have had snow, but just a bit each day, it’s adding up though. It is getting cold with temperatures dipping down to the -30’s c° at night. I will plug the truck in tonight. Take care.


  2. mountaincoward

    I wouldn’t mind it being so cold here (not a patch on your depth of cold though), if it had the decency to be cold AND DRY! It’s always so damp that the cold seems ten times worse. That and the horrible cold eastern wind-chill we’re experiencing just now.


    1. underswansea

      Damp and cold is the worst! I never mind when it turns frigid here because it’s usually dry and clear as a bell. Tonight we are expecting it to get down tp -30°c. I have plugged the truck in. Take care. Bob


      1. mountaincoward

        We’re actually having the cold, dry, clear weather just now – the windchill is -22degC. I have to say I just prefer warm, wet weather in winter. I like sunny weather in summer obviously though


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