Mid January

Maynard stays alert, his eye out for the moose we spotted earlier. Lisa is comforted by his continued vigilance.

The lack of snow allows us to travel the backroads normally cut off at this time of year. Lisa and I took off for the logging roads early in the morning. We were rewarded by spotting a cow and calf moose. They crossed the road in front of us as we travelled higher into the Palliser.

The lack of snow also allowed us to harvest some easy down fir for firewood. It was a good size, dry as a bone, yet needed the splitting maul to bust it into smaller chunks to load.

Willow off the beaten track, chasing sticks, nose out, snuffing up the good air.

Willow and Maynard ran rampant. Willow more so, while Maynard stayed close behind me even while sawing the wood.

A light snow fell continually while the sky was clear in spots showing blue. Just one of those days you wish you could hold onto forever and bring out when things aren’t going your way.

Very fine day.

Maynard and I make our way.

6 thoughts on “Mid January

    1. underswansea

      Now that is a good day! I also am hopeful.
      President Biden has already enraged the province of Alberta by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline. It has been a political hot potato and shouldn’t have been started in the first place. Here is to waking up in the morning, turning on the news and not have to worry about what the hell Trump did. Take care.


    1. underswansea

      Maynard is my sister’s dog and he likes to come out with us. Cocker Spaniards are used in England to flush out birds I believe. The Moose we saw were both very healthy. Good to see. Although they are large animals they can be attacked by wolves when the snow gets deep. They also can have ticks that over winter on them. These ones didn’t show any sign of that. And of course they are killed regularly by hunters. Although there is a short strict season on bulls. Cows and calves are often killed by poaching or legal hunting by First Nation people exercising there ancestral right. All of these factors have contributed to this species decline. Whenever I see them I think, run and hide! Take care.


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