Tonights Moon shining through. The low cloud blankets the valley bottom most of the day. If lucky we get to see the tops of the mountains before light fades in the afternoon.
A Bald Eagle from a few days before. Lisa stayed beneath it’s perch, in an understanded truce, snapping photos and marvelling at it’s brilliance.
The woodpile, no worse for wear, staying warm insulated with a layer of snow.
Tenacity. Willow, on top of the world, smiling, listening for animals under the snow.

6 thoughts on “b/w

  1. mountaincoward

    I’m getting very upset at the wood supply here! I’ve got a new neighbour and he’s going out around the lanes and taking the whole bloody lot! I used to take a few logs once every few weeks but he’s clearing anything and everything which has fallen! I can see I’ll end up having to buy it which I really don’t want – I pay enough for my electric without having to pay for my wood too! 😦 I wish he’d move out again…


    1. underswansea

      I know exactly what kind of person your new neighbour is. He sounds like a small hound dog circling and marking his territory. The kind of guy who is always looking to expand his boundaries. These guys are a dime a dozen here. We live within 3 hours of one of Canada’s wealthiest cities and these folks are always buying up the property and expanding their borders.

      This is what you do. Pick up your wood during the warmer months. Try not to make it a chore. Just a few sticks here and there. Then when winter hits you can watch your new neighbour scramble around in the cold. If there is one thing I know, from being around them my entire life, those dipshits don’t know jackshit.

      Chances are he won’t be moving out. If it’s like here, there will be more moving in.

      Take care.


      1. mountaincoward

        I’d actually seen some choice logs when I was just setting out on my walk – by the time I’d got back and gone up to get some of them, they’d all gone – every single one! I didn’t mind him taking the big one as he chainsaws them up whereas I just have my handsaw and it was a bit ‘fat’ but he could have left some of the smaller ones!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, I hope you are enjoying the summer. The temps have risen here above freezing so I had to shovel the snow off the woodpile so the logs didn’t get too wet. I can’t remember doing that in January before when the weather is usually cold and dry. I have started to peruse the seed catalogues. Take care. Bob

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