hiding seeds

Spent some time watching chickadees and creepers taking seeds from the dried flowers and hiding them in the trees. It should be noted, they shell them, dropping the husk to the ground below, before tucking the meat into the crevasses of the bark.

I’ve watched woodpeckers come right after and steal the seeds. Damn those thieves.

Still the chickadees do their chore with cheerful vigour, regardless of thieves or winter coming quick or slow. I can’t imagine they are coming back to the ones they’ve hidden, trusting instead to the thoughtful nature down the line, birds hiding seeds in the trees above snow-covered ground. What goes around. . .


BC has implemented additional measures to slow the Covid virus. The ant-maskers held a demonstration downtown. I was conveniently in the bush, hiding, watching my grandchildren laugh, marvelling at the frozen lake while the mud puddles were open and thawed.


Just before dark, I watched a young boy with roller blades stick handle a ball down the sidewalk. It made me wish I was young.

The lake has a skim of ice. I’m hoping the cold takes hold, the snow stays put high until it’s hard enough to skate. That’s all it will take to make this old man happy.

Scarlett and Cooper, posing nice for their Grandma, in matching pyjamas taking advantage of a fine November day.

13 thoughts on “hiding seeds

  1. Jim R

    Nice photo of the grandkids. You are a fortunate grandpa to have them close by.

    Our chickadees and nuthatches are always very busy hiding seeds. I’ve wondered how much bird seed is tucked away in cracks and crevices. I opened a window recently and found lots of sunflower seeds tuck into the sill.

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    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, it is awesome to see the Grandkids. We are trying to make our house a very special place for them so they will always want to come here and feel at home.

      I so enjoy watching the birds get ready for winter. Those chickadees are rugged little birds.

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      1. mountaincoward

        well I think it is here but I think us northerners are generally a bit more sensible. Having said that, we do have that wacko woman coming into our shop regularly! She brought us a sheaf of paperwork on one of her conspiracy theories the other day – I only read the first paragraph and that was hilarious enough!

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