We had more kids trick or treating than we have had for years. We put the candy in a big bowl in our driveway and waved to as many as we could from our kitchen window. You never know what to expect.


Lisa and I kicked off November walking the east shore of Columbia Lake. Lot 48, for years scheduled for development, is now protected. It took millions of dollars to do so. We took the trail beside the lake and stopped often to admire the large fir trees with roots exposed from the banks eroding. I thought about being young and how I would have loved climbing these trees. I thought about now, could their large branches protect me in a storm. Where would I put my bed. Sure there was plenty of years dry branches to keep a fire going for days. We saw ruffed grouse along the trail. Willow put them in the trees. Chickadees got close, not deterred from our intrusion, going about their business hiding bugs and seeds for winter. Plenty of elk tracks coming and going, but not enough for a herd. One scraped the bank picking an awful spot to access the lake. Willow noticed as well and smelled the tracks almost falling herself. Although he could of, my father never hunted this area. It was their wintering ground and even if the animals came early coinciding with hunting season they were to be left alone. There was no regulation that said to do so. Now the area is protected and thank goodness. If not, the animals would be shot, the large fir snags would be cut for firewood or artisan lumber and four wheel drives, quads, side by sides and dirt bikes would tear it all apart without a thought.


2020 is winding down. The cool air feels good.

9 thoughts on “november

  1. Jim R

    I’m glad the property is now protected. We are fortunate to have a lot of park and protected lands near us. We visit them often for our hikes. They let us see the seasonal changes throughout the year.

    It was quite cool this morning well below freezing. As it warmed to nearer freezing, the leaves started to fall in large numbers from certain types of trees. Abscission is an interesting phenomenon.

    Tomorrow we have our big election day. Huge number of people have already voted early in their eagerness to get rid of lots of bad blood. I will be stationed at local polling site as an official observer to watch for and report any irregularities. I hope there are none.


    1. underswansea

      Hey Jim, good to hear from you. I will be thinking of you today, your Election Day and watching to see what happens. Here is to hoping for the best. Take care. Bob

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      1. mountaincoward

        It was actually dry today and sunny – first time in around 2 months – yay! Not only that, I had to go on the train to see my parents (100 miles away) and there were some of the most beautiful autumn colours on the journey – that cheered me up a bit! 🙂


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