a dusting

The temp dipped long enough to deliver snow to the mountains one range back. There would have been a day I’d clamour up. Might even haul my skis. Not so ambitious now.

It’s good to see it. The cold turns on us we will hope for global warming. Speaking of which, it’s damn near time for a fire. Normally I catch fish on this weekend.

Getting older, satisfied with tinned goods and cabbage. And kale – Christ now there’s a vegetable! Grows all year long, straight into November, maybe December, considering the warm spell. You can even bust it off, frozen, and throw it in soup.

We need a year it snows everyday. Fill up those canyons. Get the glaciers proceeding.

6 thoughts on “a dusting

  1. mountaincoward

    I’ve got a vigorous green and leafy plant growing in my raised bed – some of my friends think it’s kale but I daren’t eat it in case it isn’t! It does look like some kind of cabbagey-thing and it does look edible. Shame if I’m ignoring it and it’s perfectly good for throwing in my slow-cooker stews!


    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, we are still eating kale even though we have snow on the ground and it has dipped to -14°c. I better get over to Frog Pond and see what is happening. 🙂

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