Lisa and I took a quick dash into the bush tonight to look for mushrooms. The weather has been damp and cool so we were hoping to have some luck. Sure enough, they are just starting to break through. We picked a handful, for supper. Most we had to brush the dirt off the tops. They are small and firm, and of the best quality. The soup is on the stove. When I take it off the heat I will add a couple tablespoons of brandy and Marsala and a little cream to finish the mushroom bisque.

6 thoughts on “shrooms

    1. underswansea

      I have been trying to recreate a wild mushroom bisque we had in a restaurant many years ago. I haven’t been able to do it, but my results are still good. The Marsala and brandy really add to the flavour.


  1. mountaincoward

    That sounds damned good – can I have some? I’ve found 3 mushrooms recently – 2 Lawyers Wigs, which are very good to eat, on one day. A normal single mushroom another day and I’ve also found a few puffballs – one was too far gone when I cut into it – the other couple were nice fried with an onion and a tomato.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, puffballs are good and very safe to eat, but you are right, you have to get them when they are just right. The ones in the picture are like your Lawyer Wigs (I love that name). Take care. Bob


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