Was up early to try to get a photo of Comet NEOWISE. It is in the northeast before dawn. I spotted it a few mornings ago and even got a few photos, however without a tripod they were a little fuzzy. This morning Willow and I prepared with tripod and flashlight to check camera settings.

We headed for the banks above Lake Windermere. It was my hope to get the lake in the foreground. Comet NEOWISE was easy to locate with the naked eye. I needed binoculars a few mornings previous. Like certain stars and constellations once you find them your eye is drawn to them.

It’s a real treat to see comets. NEOWISE will remain visible for a while as it heads back towards the outer solar system. Estimated time to make a return journey 6800 years. Pretty lucky for Willow and I to be standing there when we were.


8 thoughts on “Comet

  1. Jim R

    Those are really nice pictures, Bob. You are fortunate to have the clear air and beautiful scenery. I also see a faint light blue noctilucent cloud up there. Good catch.

    I am still waiting here for my first view. Weather and hazy skies are being a bother. Maybe Sunday will be good to me.


  2. mountaincoward

    I really ought to get to grips with how to do nighttime photography with my old manual Zenith – it’s all in the manual. Don’t think I’d get shots like you do though.

    Can we see that comet in our UK skies do you know?


    1. underswansea

      The best photo I’ve seen of the comet was above Stonehenge. You are going to be challenged with film, not because it isn’t capable of capturing the comet, but because you have to get it processed someplace that won’t care about what you have captured. They will either over process or under process.


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