Early April

RCE_4940A Western Meadowlark, the first of the season, cheers on spring.

Fresh snow the last couple mornings. It is sure to green things up as it melts in the afternoon. Plenty of snow in the mountains keeping us along the lower reaches. It will feel good to get in the high country where the rocks reach the sky, ’till then we will take it one step at a time.

RCE_4934Willow keeps an ear and eye out for rodents busy under the snow. 

Yet to see a woodtick, yet they are sure to be around. Lisa checks Willow over after every outing.

RCE_4951The buds will soon overtake the ice.

The garden is starting to call. The frost is still about eight inches down. It will need digging when the pitch fork goes tine deep. Since we have extra time these days there will be no excuse to get lettuce, beets, carrots and peas in early.

RCE_4909Composted manure waiting to be spread on the garden.

The cannabis and tomatoes have been started inside. There are plenty of extras as they may come in handy as currency during these strange days. One Durban Poison plant equals ten pounds of asparagus. It all depends on what people have extra.

_LME4906Spent part of the day in the studio cutting paper for Lisa to print.

The birds were active in the fresh snow, calling to one another, showing off, getting ready to pair off and nest. It was good to see them. Sometimes you get lucky.


6 thoughts on “Early April

  1. mountaincoward

    Superb photo of Willow! That cheered me up. Never seen a meadowlark – I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t have them up north – we don’t get half the birdlife the southerners here get…

    I’ve had a sheep tick already this year 😦


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, I hope you are well. The Meadowlark has a wonderful voice and is usually heard and often stays unseen. (good sentence eh, that’s the way us Canadians talk) Glad you liked the photo of Willow. Those ticks must really like you. Stay safe and take care. Bob


      1. mountaincoward

        Everything, but everything, bites me… from dogs to ticks/fleas/midges (gnats) etc. Nothing bites Richard – ever. I think it’s because I eat a lot of sweet things and he doesn’t ever eat any sugar.


      2. underswansea

        That is an interesting theory. I’m glad they don’t like the taste of beer or I’d be in trouble.


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