10 thoughts on “Early March

    1. underswansea

      You have a good eye. The black spot is an old burnt stump. The area burned about fifty years ago. Some of the old stumps still stand. I remember the fire although I was only a youngster. My parents drove us onto the mountain side opposite so we could watch it at night. It was quite a sight. This was before Global Warming so I’m not sure what started it. 🙂 Some of the wood in these old stumps are exceptionally hard from the fire imposed on the trees. I brought a piece home and making it into a crib board. Take care. Bob


      1. underswansea

        I am planning on planting more broccoli and cauliflower and less spuds this year. I haven’t heard much from Frog Pond this year. Hopefully Bill is keeping you busy preserving the bounty. Take care.


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