get your tongue out of my ear


The election is over. I didn’t talk to anyone who was happy today. Most couldn’t give a shit. I talked to a few with Alberta plates who were devastated.

There is plenty of people left out of these decisions. Sure they cast a vote, out of duty or, maybe even, hope. They roll with it when house prices become unaffordable, and keep working until they die. Some even believe they are in a predicament, because of some shortcoming.

That’s the big lie. The same lie that makes people who are well off think it was their hard work who got them where they are. Both sides never considering the situation they were born into.

Before you think it; fuck you, if you say ‘look at me, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps’. If you think it and say it you are an asshole.


The world is going through a change. Most of the change won’t be bad. Do you remember we changed from vinyl, to 8 track, to cassette, to CD. At every change we were told how much better the next format was.

That’s what’s happening now. Unfortunately, it’s designed to leave a lot of poor people from every corner of the world in it’s wake.

It was interesting to see several teachers working at the polling booths. When I worked at the School District, during an election, some would take a sick or vacation day and work the polls. Double the money.

Our incumbent NDP, MP, Wayne Stetski was voted out. He will get close to $90 thousand severance for the effort he put in for the past 4 years, on top of his $180 thousand a year he made sitting way, way, back behind leader Mulcair, stuttering out how he liked local food and biking to work.

Lucky bastard.

Our next MP, Rob Morrison of the Conservatives will do the same. He will be as ineffectual. Sure he will help his friends, and spew the ‘right’ rhetoric. But in the end, he will collect his money.

Thats why I don’t give a shit about political parties, The right and left are in cohoots. They take long vacations with each other, spend and bullshit. It’s us who are left behind.

My good friend said it’s criminal, and it would be, if it wasn’t them making the laws.  


3 thoughts on “get your tongue out of my ear

  1. mountaincoward

    Sooo true… and just the same here. Politicians of all colours really are mostly just in it for themselves and don’t give a hoot about any of us… and it shows!

    As to the changing formats of music – we got the last laugh on them there – vinyl is making a come-back (but unfortunately at an expensive price). Luckily, I kept my record deck and most of my LPs. Unfortunately, I gave away all my singles from my formative years (well, all my singles) and have always regretted it.

    Vinyl was definitely the superior format as it essentially lasts forever. None of the others keep on working at all. I think CDs and DVDs are the very worst formats for unreliability!


    1. underswansea

      I bet you wish you had those singles back. My good neighbour has a record player and a lot of vinyl. It’s great when he puts it on.


      1. mountaincoward

        I really wish I had those singles back. Partly because, some of the B sides were really good and, of course, they’re not usually out there on YouTube or similar so now I can’t normally get to hear them 😦


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