We have plenty of firewood. We get it early. We call it next years wood.

It takes sweat and stamina to cut, chop and finally relax in front of a fine fire.


The dogs were a sniff in the bush. Catching scents, running hither and yon. I envied them. I also envy the way they can sleep anywhere. Dreaming of slow rabbits and bird calls,


Lisa did the cutting, not every woman can handle a chainsaw with a 24” bar, while I hauled the blocks. Maynard caught a rabbit and displayed it proudly. Willow enjoyed the bush as usual. Very fine day.

3 thoughts on “firewood

  1. mountaincoward

    I need to get mine in really – I have a lot left from last winter as it wasn’t that cold but the farmer down the road has a fallen tree and said I can take all the smaller branches that I want. It’s not far from my house…

    I’m terrified of chainsaws – the only thing I learnt on my course was that I’m never going to go near one!


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