bears and orchids

_LME2674Wild Orchid

It was a quick trip into the bush this evening. It has been busy with work. Usually in bed before the sun is down.

We were looking for the next wild orchids. After the Calypso comes the larger Yellow species. These are said to be quite rare. They often grow by springs that arise from the mountain side.

RCE_2675The first cub is waisting no time getting hid.

Although still warm from the day, we saw a female Black Bear and two cubs on the road going up. I worry for these bears. Even though there is no hunting season for them right now, they are often poached for certain parts (feet, gallbladder, head) to be sent overseas.

The orchids were there waiting when we arrived. Very fine evening.

6 thoughts on “bears and orchids

  1. mountaincoward

    Wow to the bears photo. And a sad ‘wow’ to the fact that some westerners are getting in on the vile bear-parts trade/s – I can’t believe that people in civilised nations would help such a vile trade 😦


    1. underswansea

      Thank you Julie! It is a shame about the bears. British Columbia has put in some new regulations limiting bear hunting but they are being killed at a greater rate regardless. Take care.


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