selfie shtick

IMG_1483Selfie on a post-it note of me sucking on a sore tooth.

The kids are sticking to their routine. They awake and are in bed on time.


The city keeps chugging along. I don’t believe I could ever get used to it.


I saw a semi hauling a large piece of equipment stuck on a corner. Traffic backed up a mile. It had several pilot vehicles as it weaved the city streets. The equipment probably being transferred to the ring road construction. It looked to me like he was screwed. However, when I returned the same way about a half hour later it was free and on the side of the road. All the men were out of their vehicles looking at the scraped light standard on one side of the road and the demolished tree on the other. What to do?


My daughter bought us a Starbucks gift card so we could get coffee. I enjoy the Americano. Today we had one at the bookstore. I bought a New York Times and a copy of Ron Rash’s novel The Risen. It was a hardcover edition regular $33 for $5 on the discount table. It is a good story and quick read as I am almost finished it.

I can certainly see why there is a constant stream of Calgarians into our neck of the woods each weekend. I have noticed at the bookstore and malls that people are not so much there to shop as to hang out.


We ran into another set of grandparents at the park the other day. Their grandson was a little older than Cooper, but seemed hesitant. Before long he was tagging after Copper to the highest parts of the play structure.

The grandfather stood in front of me often blocking my valuable sight of my grandkids playing. He wanted to know where I was from. I told him BC. Where he asked. Invermere I said. He laughed, that’s not BC he said that’s just a small part of Alberta. I’d heard this all before.

He went on to tell me ‘we’ fuel your economy. Then he said, Alberta funds the entire Canadian economy and what do they get in return, if it wasn’t for us, yada fucking yada, repeat.

He also went on about kids today. Millennials living in their parents basement, which his son was one. I hoped his grandson didn’t hear his grandfather’s estimation of his father.

He told me about their big house, their vacation house and ‘toys’; 4×4’s, sleds. motorhome etc. Albertans work hard and play hard, he summed up.

I have ran into this type over and over. You can’t avoid them where we live. To have come across this one in his home environment was just bad luck. It always amazes me how such boring, deficient, dimwits have accumulated so much wealth.


The forecast calls for snow that will surely green thing up once it melts.

9 thoughts on “selfie shtick

  1. Jim R

    This…”It always amazes me how such boring, deficient, dimwits have accumulated so much wealth”…was great.

    Did you mean Copper instead of Cooper? 🙂


      1. underswansea

        Glad you liked the drawing. I thought it bore a resemblance to me. I thought I captured the crankiness just right.


    1. underswansea

      I did mean Cooper – not the first time I’ve made that mistake. I also call him Hunter (my son’s name) on occasion. Cooper thinks it’s funny.

      I am glad you liked the line, however the deficiency is in me, regardless of how I feel.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. mountaincoward

    It often seems the richer you are, the more boring you are – it seems to lead to boring pursuits. Like what they would call a yacht (basically just a boring boat to lie around in) and what poorer, more interesting folk like my Dad would call a yacht – a sailing dinghy to test your skills and have fun in!

    Sorry about the tooth – mine play me up quite a bit too!


  3. larrymuffin

    I have heard that conversation before. Alberta blah blah blah, strange people really. The sad part is they believe what they say. Hope your tooth gets attention and you feel better soon.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, my tooth is actually ok. I thought the picture I sketched looked like I had one. I think the ‘toothache’ was just an analogy of how I felt while talking to the guy.

      Liked by 1 person

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