mid January

img_1449Photos from a previous eclipse.

Cloud cover obscured this years lunar eclipse. The day before was nice and the day after. The night of the eclipse, the light of the moon could be seen through the clouds, but disappeared once it darkened in the Earth’s shadow. It will be awhile until another comes our way.


Lisa and I spent a few days in Calgary visiting our children and grandchildren. It was so nice to see them.

Lately, I have been reminded that my ‘stock has gone down’. As we age, society lets us know we are not as valued. I understand it. I can’t work the way I once did. Nor do I have as much to contribute, in taxes, energy, or innovative ideas. I have a hard enough time trying to get Netflix on the TV, let alone navigating the in’s and out’s of being a contributing citizen of, what seems like, a world I understand less and less with each passing day.

I know it’s only going to get worse. Not that I’m complaining. I’m not sure if I want to continue to contribute, just as long as I’m never a burden.

Going to the city always exacerbates these thoughts.


img_0918Cooper and Willow.

It’s tough being three. You get told what to eat, what to wear, and what to do. You get asked constantly if you have to pee, and if you say no, they say, maybe you should try.

I could tell Cooper was feeling some frustration. He is three and wants to do everything himself.

He doesn’t want to put mitts on or zip up his jacket. He wants to climb into the truck even though it take a long time. He doesn’t want to eat a decent breakfast, he prefers Eggos.

It is good to be a Grandpa. Him and I can team up. Cooper makes me feel needed and I. . . let him do what he wants.

We took Willow to the park. Willow had to be on a leash. Cooper was in charge of Willow leading her onward to mice, which there seems to be no shortage in the city. I told him, Willow wants him to be the boss. He liked that. Willow dug at the frozen ground and deadfalls for the mice tunnelling below.

Willow is not used to being on a leash but seemed to know the score.

Later we stopped at a restaurant and had soup, chicken fingers and fries. Cooper put enough ketchup on his plate to float a boat, I didn’t say a word, other than to ask him if he had to pee. He said no and I took his word for it.


IMG_0935.jpgScarlett getting her morning massage.

Scarlett, likes to sit with me in the mornings. Her hair and bangs are long and shade her eyes, before they are tied back for the day. She is as cute as a button and brimming with smiles and energy.  I can already see the strong headedness of her Mother and Grandmother. She has already made it clear that she will not take any guff her brother is handing out.


A litre of gas is 40¢ less a litre expensive in Alberta than BC. This amounts to about $60 less on filling up my truck in Alberta. Most of it is extra taxes we pay in British Columbia, including additional green house gas taxes.

The argument is the higher taxes will drive down consumption. I am sure it works. I know I don’t take as many trips into the bush. However, in BC, incredibly, many of the biggest polluters are exempt from the taxes.

The green house gas taxes go into general revenue, some used to pay for our already bloated public service or even given back to the largest polluters.

I live beside the train tracks. Several coal trains go by everyday taking the dirtiest fuel to ships on the coast to be burned for electricity in oversea countries.

Something tells me our politicians, regardless of stripe, really don’t give a shit.


The world seems more confusing. Then again, with age, things get simpler. Making a difference is right under our thumb. . . did I tell you about my grandkids?

img_0910Willow chews the log Cooper is sitting on.

11 thoughts on “mid January

  1. Jim R

    I relate to so much of what you said. But, I won’t go into detail. Simpler that way.

    We did get to see the eclipse in brief trips to the front steps then back inside. It was about 0˚ F. It was a bit hazy but ok. I watched some online sites with good telescope views that were quite nice.

    More snow last night. Tomorrow we get hit by a cold front from Canada with high wind. Our fluffy snow will blow a lot. The next week is to stay very cold. Typical for January.

    I’m glad you have fun with your grandkids. They have fun with you, too.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, thank you for your comments. That’s great you got to see the eclipse. I was disappointed it was cloudy. It would have been nice to try and get a picture of the moon with the Beehive Cluster. I am not sure if I could have done it, but it would have been worth a try. Make sure you and Melanie stay warm and out of the wind. Thank you for your kind words. Take care. Bob PS Has Melanie started on a Peruvian inspired quilt?


  2. mountaincoward

    I missed the ‘blood moon’ as they were calling it here – not sure if it was visible or not but I left work at 0645 and it was a clear sky…

    That little lass sounds like I was – I didn’t take any guff off my brother either 😉

    And, when it comes to consumption/spending or whatever, there’s definitely very different rules for the rich and for the poorer…


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, I am not sure if it was visible in England. Here it was called a Super Blood Wolf Moon.
      Sounds like you could take care of yourself – I am not surprised.
      I always laugh at our overly-earnest politicians trying to fool us into thinking they have our best interest at heart.
      Take care. Bob


  3. larrymuffin

    Terrible rain storm here and high winds so we did not see the eclipse. I marvel at Willow going out in the snow and not complaining of frozen paws. My two have to have boots on otherwise they will not last outside. Maybe they are too pampered.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry, the only problem Willow has is snow balling on her paws, but only with certain snow conditions. Actually, Willow is a baby when it comes to having her nails trimmed – it takes three of us and a bag of treats. It sounds like Nicky and Nora have done a good job of training you. :-)Thanks for stopping by. Bob


  4. Carol A. Hand

    Reading your post was a gift, Bob. The moon photos are fascinating, and your photos and reflections about your grandkids, priceless. From my perspective, what you do matters a lot – to your family and all those who have the privilege of learning from your honest, hard-won wisdom. Sending my best wishes from the snowy, blustery southwest shore of Lake.Superior.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, thank you for your very kind comment. Stay warm. My mother grew up in Hamilton, Ontario and she would say the wind off the Great Lakes could cut through you. Take care from the mild Canadian Rockies. Bob

      Liked by 1 person

    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, I am glad you like the pics. Cooper and Scarlett are so much fun to be around. I am always a little tight in the city. Thanks for stopping by Take care. Bob

      Liked by 1 person

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