Early October


It started snowing yesterday morning and didn’t quit until after dark. I expected it to melt right away but it stayed and is still hanging around.

The carrots, beets and cabbage are buried. I don’t expect them to be damaged. It’s not that cold, only dipping below freezing at night. If anything the snow will insulate them.

RCE_1192It will take more than a little snow to damage the kale.

Still it’s a pretty good snowfall for this time of year. Plenty of broken branches and trees down, as many of the deciduous trees had yet to shed their leaves, and the weight of the snow proved too much.

RCE_1197Mountain road.

The wet sloppy snow and lack of sun does pack a chill. So much so, I put my long johns back on. Once they are on, they are on for the season. It seems early, but there is snow on the ground.

13 thoughts on “Early October

      1. underswansea

        I don’t think so. Your good leg is going to get sore taking up the slack before anything becomes brittle.


  1. Anonymous

    C’mon Bob…..’fess up! You’ve had those long johns on for a while! Hahahaha
    Weird to see the flowers still blooming under 6” of snow. Strange weather makes for lots of dirty, mucky yardwork, eh?


    1. underswansea

      Hey Deb, it sure is mucky. We could use some sunshine. As for the long johns, I ain’t taking them off again. I’ll just slip a new pair on over the disintegrating old ones.


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