mid august

RCE_0992-Pano.an.smGreen skyglow above the smoke.

It’s green that gives me the most problems. It all looks the same to me. It’s shapes that I look for. Shapes that don’t fit the landscape. That’s the way I was taught to hunt. Looking for curve of antler or back bone sideways instead of up and down. Green gets in the way.

It’s said we see green better than other colours, because from an evolutionary standpoint humans eat plants having to recognize the difference between the edible and the ones that were poison. Our enemies stand out in green. The snake and saber tooth tiger are clocked in a second across the green landscape.

I’m looking forward to fall. When the green turns. It’s already underway. To winter. Long underwear, white and grey, wood on the fire and cooking inside.


The smoke is bad. I think of my father, during these times, not being able to breath because of emphysema. The mountains obscured. The sun orange all day, disappearing before it goes below the horizon. The moon, waxing gibbous, never appeared. The good neighbours lights fogged over.

Even the great power denial can’t clear the skies.

10 thoughts on “mid august

  1. Anonymous

    Yes I was also thinking of difficulty breathing with all the smoke in the air. The smoke also carries in the air all Kinds of small particules of the burnt trees. Take care.


  2. Anonymous

    I was wondering, the other day, what happened to those glorious summers of my youth. When bright summer days and clear summer nights made everything seem possible. Now it feels like the apocalypse. We toil under hot, red light, land crunches underfoot, and noxious smoke makes even breathing hard.
    Great picture.


      1. Jim R

        Yes. But, it isn’t down low to the ground. It is in the upper winds. The sky has been hazy instead of blue for the past week. I don’t have any mountains to use to get above it like you do.


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