It’s good the night sky reveals slowly. First Venus in the west and then Jupiter in the east. If all the stars came out at once it would be tough to know the direction.

It is good to have the kids back. My father is long gone, but still teaches me lessons, about the way we were treated and why. My girls fight over bedrooms even now. They are grown women. Beautiful and assured. They jostle, and tease each other.

Hunter, is realizing he has roots. He is handsome and smart. My father and grandfather could add numbers as quick as they were given. Hunter can do that.

I look at my children and I see all the hard times my grandparents had. I see my mothers face when things didn’t turn out. I see my father looking at Swansea and the caps on the lake. I see every bale lifted by their young elbows. Every blizzard slashing their eyes.

I also see their eyes and the landscape reflected.

They are young. I only get to know them for part of their lives. How I wish I could see them grow old.

Lisa is a wonderful mother. She always made everything right when I didn’t even know what was going on. Somehow, I’ve been lucky.

Now I’m a grandfather, I have another opportunity to make everything right.

All the stars are out now. Venus is down but Jupiter is overhead shining bright.

7 thoughts on “kids

  1. Jim R

    In the recent week, we have seen our two daughters and their families. The seven grandkids are growing fast. One granddaughter graduated from 8th grade, another from high school. They each have their unique personalities. Yet there is a cord of similarity within them all. It is fun to see them grow.

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    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, it is good to have all the kids around. I am piling wood today and wishing Cooper was here to help out. He loves the woodpile. You are right – it is fun to watch them grow. Thanks for stopping by. Bob

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  2. underswansea

    Hi Jim, it is great to have the Grandkids around. We had all the kids out over the weekend. We are lucky because they all live only three hours away. Take care. Bob


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Julie! Not sure my kids would consider themselves lucky. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I hope you haven’t used up all the olive oil yet – it’s a long winter!

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  3. Melanie McNeil

    As Jim said… Also we had Son here on Mother’s Day, by happenstance. Unusual to see all of them in a short time. I’m looking forward to next month with Son’s wedding, when we’ll all be together. Kids…


    1. underswansea

      Hi Melanie, it is so nice to have all the kids together. How exciting to have a wedding to look forward to. Thanks for stopping by. Bob

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