Early May

RCE_9662bSpringtime in the Rockies. A Grizzly Bear enjoys some young fresh shoots.

Spent the weekend in the city visiting our children and grandchildren. They made a wonderful early Mother’s Day brunch for Lisa. We went to our niece Meagan’s 40th birthday party. She has a wonderful family. It is hard to believe she was only 7 years old at our wedding.

_LME7400Willow gets sad when she has to be on the leash, but we didn’t want her rustling up a bear and leading it back to us. 

I am always a little off balance in the city. After a great visit it is good to get back in the mountains. It has greened up over the days we were away. The seeds are starting to break through in the garden. My tender tomato seedlings also lived through my absence.

RCE_9664smThere’s a storm a brewing.

It was warm in the city. It is also warm in the valley bottom, but seems to cool off quicker when the sun goes down. Lisa and I watched a storm across the valley. Earlier we watched a Grizzly. You get a little bit of everything this time of year in the mountains.

8 thoughts on “Early May

  1. Jim R

    It looked like a fine fur coat on that bear. They must be hungry this time of year. No bears here in Iowa. I did see the chipmunks had come out of hibernation this week. I’m staying away from them until they get their bellies filled. 🙂


    1. underswansea

      Hi Jim, always good form to stay away from hungry animals regardless of size or reputation. 🙂 This is the sixth bear (4 grizzlies, 2 black) I’ve seen this year. I rarely get photos, however. Usually the bear or Willow and I are changing direction. British Columbia has recently ended the grizzly bear hunt. I am glad they did so. The grizzly population has been going down, due to hunting and loss of habitat. The Guides who cater to trophy hunters are not pleased. Thanks for stopping by. Bob

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  2. larrymuffin

    Willow and Nora understand each other well, our Nora comes from a family of champion tracker dachshunds, I would not trust her in the wild, she would go after just about everything with her high pitch howl. Probably would scare the bears.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Larry. Nora sounds like a very spirited Wire Haired. Willow thinks she is much bigger than she is. Their noses and temperament, can certainly get them into trouble! Thanks for stopping by. Bob


    1. underswansea

      Thanks Julie! We get a lot of those storms on the sides of the mountains. Willow only gets put on a leash for two reasons; traffic and bears. She still doesn’t like it. Take care.

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