Thanks for joining me! It is good to have Palliser Pass back on the web, if for no other reason to ring in the new seasons. Yep, today is the first day of Spring. The snow is soft and lies in patches in the valley bottom. The first pussy willows appeared last weekend. The birds are returning and can be heard before seen.

I have had several other blogs, dating back over 10 years. The primary goal was to document the area turning from a small town to a bustling tourist, second home area and what is gained and lost from such a transformation.

That transformation, like it or not, is mostly complete. It is a much different area than it was 10 years ago. A lot of the old characters are gone. Pushed out or moved on. Still I hope to tell a few of their stories and show you some of the beauty in the common but hidden spots.

Welcome, sit back and enjoy your visit.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Carol A. Hand

    An absolutely exquisite photo and a deeply touching, poignant welcome. I feel so blessed to read your stories and see the world through your photos. I can imagine sitting around a campfire listening to your stories as the stars and constellations dance above.


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