A little Faith

These days it seems we need a boat load of faith to get by. I’m not sure if any time was different.

I had a boss a few years back who was a white supremacist. He and his religious buddies used to head for Finley Creek to shoot off their guns and practice for the race wars that were surly coming.

He told me he was so short because a height of scaffolding fell on him. Like I gave a shit how tall he was.

The lesson I learned after hearing him talk to me for a half hour every morning was that these guys couldn’t even organize a BBQ.

I lasted a year before I told him, and his enlarged prostate, which he also told me about, to go fuck himself.

He had settled in a spot that accepted him, it was his world not mine.


We had rain today and it felt good. Plenty of people locked inside came out to let it fall on them. The mountains can be seen. August didn’t disappoint with cooler temperatures. That’s the way it should be.


People settle into their spot. Little bullies, find their spot, same as the white supremacist, the right and left, the religious and the atheists. It’s tribal now. We don’t think about ideas or compassion for our neighbours. We think about the size of our tribe. How many supporters, likes and followers we have.


Still, goddammit, with the world burning, people dying for their beliefs, regardless, I’m hoping. It takes a boat load of faith, and luck, to get by.


The rain has stopped short of cooling the earth.