Willow has started barking at Geese going south. She barks and I look around like a bear could be approaching, then back at her, like what the fuck! That’s when I notice her long neck and head cocked upward, clocking the migrating geese. She looks back down at me and barks. I swear she is taking her job too seriously.


It could be the smoke in her eyes. Strange days, odd light, the birds flocking up, which is the exact opposite of humanity fucking up. Different paths for different species. Kind of funny we think we’re the intelligent ones.


The garden is dying back. More ripe tomatoes than I can remember. Still not a frost in the valley bottom. The tomatoes have been great. Like Guy Clark said, ‘only two things money can’t buy, true love and home grown tomatoes’.


Money never got me anything. Probably because I didn’t let it. That was my first mistake, my second was dismissing anyone who tried to impress with dough. Never cared how much the wine cost. Couldn’t see any sense in the big houses the Albertans build on the shores of Lake Windermere. Sticking out like a sore thumb. No wind break, apt to flooding.


My dog barks at them too. To no avail.

10 thoughts on “Bark

    1. underswansea

      Hi Julie, we sure have lots of tomatoes, cabbage and the broccoli has been great from early summer and it is still producing big heads on the side shoots. Wishing you and Andrew the very best.

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