Mid September

CRW_0028.jpgPlenty of moisture for September. Still good to have the seasons change, with longer nights and cool mornings. The mountains have a touch of white. Plenty of mushrooms for soup in the bush. Lisa never eats the soup the first day, she lets me eat it, if I’m still alive the next day she’ll have some.


A small sparrow braves the rain to have a chance at the garden’s sunflowers. Lots of overcast, the full Harvest Moon has passed and still no frost.


The smoke blossoms have ripened and need to be cut and dried. They have done well considering the lack of sunshine. It really is a beautiful fragrant plant. As usual there is much more than we can use. The rest will be given away or traded to friends, who like I, refuse to get from the government. 

RCE_3518.jpgFall is still on.

7 thoughts on “Mid September

  1. Jim R

    Regarding your soup…Lisa is a wise woman. 🙂

    Lots of shrooms coming up around here. We’ve had rains that got them going strong. I don’t plan on making soup with them.

    Your crop looks healthy. Enjoy.


  2. mountaincoward

    Those fungi look like what we call ‘Lawyers Wigs’ mushrooms. Delicious! Other way around with me – I make my ‘hedgerow stews’ or whatever and am happy to eat what I’ve gathered – no-one else will touch it.


    1. underswansea

      Hi Carol, we call them Shaggy Manes here. Yes they are very good. They also have a very distinct look so they can’t be confused with a poisonous variety. Take care. Bob


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